The Everest

The Everest

The Everest represents the absolute pinnacle of winemaking here at Château Tanunda. We select only the very best grapes from individual vineyard blocks in exceptional vintages, set aside only the finest part of the fermented wines for maturation in the finest French oak. We then make a barrel selection of the most exceptional wines to produce the pinnacle, or Everest, of that vintage.

Hand-picked, basket-pressed, and matured in the finest French oak, these wines are afforded the utmost attention and craftsmanship in the winery. Only very limited amounts are released in truly exceptional vintages in order to meet our stringent quality expectations.

Both The Everest Shiraz and Old Vine Grenache wines regularly attract praise and recognition from wine critics and wine shows around the world and are rated amongst the top echelon of wines in the world.

The Everest Shiraz

“”The Everest” is the pinnacle of Château Tanunda’s winemaking philosophy. It represents the ultimate that Barossa Shiraz can achieve, from the world’s most renowned Shiraz producing region.

We select only ultra-quality grapes from individual vineyard blocks. The grapes are handpicked and spend over 7 days fermenting in 1-ton open fermenters, with regular hand plunging to gently extract colour, flavour and tannin. The wine is softly basket-pressed and matured in the finest French Oak to produce a truly exceptional wine.”

The Everest Old Vine Grenache

The Everest Old Vine Grenache is the pinnacle of Grenache at Château Tanunda. Only the very best grapes are selected from individual vineyard blocks in exceptional vintages. The wine is an exotic mixture of herbs, Asian spices, dried fruits and berry flavours all coming together in a complex and lingering experience.